Omaha Connect Ride (402) 680-8421

2022 will mark the firth anniversary for the Omaha Connect Ride. We all have been through a lot the past few years, but we continued to hold the ride bringing encouragement to many through this event.

Each year the committee works to bring the best speaker to provide a message of encouragement before the ride.

This year we updated the logo. It is bolder and incorporates the rider image we have used in other marketing materials for a few years.

The tagline has changed to CYCLING | CONNECTING | COMMUNITY. We feel that is what the ride does in so many ways.

The ride provides “CYCLING opportunities, CONNECTING riders with other cyclists to form a stronger COMMUNITY. “

We hope you agree and we look forward to seeing on September 24 for the fifth Annual Omaha Connect Ride.

Omaha Connect Ride Logo