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The Cycling Community is a very diverse group of people that share the love of cycling and come together over the common passion of getting out and riding.

Sponsoring the Omaha Connect Ride, depending on the level, you may receive year round visibility that will go way beyond the day of the event. With the Aero and Brevet level, there will be year round visibility for your company on the website and clothing. Cyclists love wearing cycling related clothing and it is not uncommon to see Omaha Connect Ride clothing being worn during the cycling season.


Sponsorship Levels


Slang for aerodynamic or streamlined. Anything that helps a cyclist combat wind. Aero devices include handlebars, bullet-shaped helmets and skinsuits.




Pronounced “brevay,” it is a long-distance event used to qualify riders for major randomness.




The number of times during one minute that a pedal stroke is completed. 





 Riding closely behind another rider to take advantage of the windbreak (slipstream) and use about 20-30 percent less energy.


A line of riders seeking maximum drafting in a crosswind, resulting in a diagonal line across the road.

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