Omaha Connect Ride (402) 680-8421

There have been a few requests for a Cycling Jersey for this year’s Connect Ride. While anything that is ordered this month, would not arrive until after the ride, we are offering an Omaha Connect Ride Jersey through On-Q Marketing LLC. (Sample Design below, additional sponsors may be added to the final design.)

How it will work

The first order point is 25 people need to say they will commit to buying a jersey. The price will be $59 and that includes sales tax (shipping extra). If another 25 people request a Jersey, so 50 jerseys will be ordered, then the price will drop to $50. It will continue to drop incrementally at different rates depending on the total number of jersey that are ordered. It will not be above $59 unless you want it mailed to you.

You do not have to buy anything up front at the moment, just COMMIT to ordering a jersey. If we do not reach the first break point of 25 jerseys, you owe nothing, and nothing will be ordered. Once we have a minimum of 25, then you will receive an email with a link for payment when we close out the order process on August 31, you will receive the email on or after that date requesting payment. You will have 3 days to place your order for number of Jerseys and sizes.

The size chart below provides an idea of sizing. When in comparison to the 2019 Jersey, an XL last year would be a size 9 in this jersey, but the jersey would be a bit longer in length.