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We know you as a business owner have been asked many times to sponsor different events.  We are sure all the requests are for worthy causes.  You of course need to watch the bottom line and sponsor those causes that are near and dear to your heart and those that your business may derive some additional benefit. 

Supporting the Omaha Connect Ride will help the Heartland CBMC ministries in addition to this year helping the Nebraska Cystic Fibrosis foundation in their research to find a cure and help fellow Nebraskans cope with this debilitating disease. 

1. The Heartland CBMC 

CBMC stands for Christian Business Men’s Connection.  Our slogan plays off the CBMC acronym, “Connecting Businesses and the Marketplace to Christ.”  The CBMC is a non-denominational Christian ministry to help business leaders operate their business according to Biblical standards.  There are ministries to help one-on-one coaching (Operation Timothy), prayer groups, and Peer Advisory Groups where business leaders meet together to gain and provide mutual support. The CBMC operates several outreach events like the Connect Ride – Annual Golf Tournament, monthly Business Profile Lunch, Leadercast, and the annual Leadership Prayer Breakfast on Good Friday – all designed to show Christian Business leaders in public events. 

2.  The Nebraska Cystic Fibrosis Foundation 

The mission of the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation is to cure cystic fibrosis and to provide all people with the disease the opportunity to lead full, productive lives by funding research and drug development, promoting individualized treatment, and ensuring access to high-quality, specialized care. 

Monies raised with the Omaha Connect Ride will stay in Nebraska to help Nebraskans.  

3. Sponsoring the Omaha Connect Ride can do Both 

Not only is the Omaha Connect Ride a worthy of your support to help the charities involved, you also ge the additional benefit of exposure in the following areas: 

  • Year-round visibility on the website, emails, and social media (Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram). 
  • The top two sponsorship levels will have their company logo on the Cycling Jersey each participant will receive.  Cyclists love their Jerseys and each rider will get one as part of their registration.  You can be sure to see them being worn through out year and longer beyond the ride date. Cyclists ride along and also with groups.  
  • The day of the ride, will be recognized at Registration, during the presentation. 
  • Top level sponsors will also be recognized at SAG stops. SAG stops are located about halfway through the rides for riders to stop, grab something to refuel and get something to drink. 

The inaugural ride held in 2018 attracted 115 riders. We anticipate this number to double. 

Now is the time to sponsor 

The top two sponsorship levels made prior to July 1, will have their corporate logo included on the Cycling Jersey. 

All levels will gain additional exposure in pre-ride communications. 

To find out more how you can get in on their low investment with big returns Omaha Connect Ride Sponsorship, see the sponsorship page on the website.