Omaha Connect Ride (402) 680-8421

We want to make sure you know we are making efforts to make this year’s Omaha Connect Ride both a good time for all and a SAFE one from the COVID-29 virus.
Many cyclists are out riding already, enjoying the fresh air and practicing social distancing when necessary. Here are some of the things we are doing for this year’s ride:

  1. Depending on the weather, we are planning all portions of the pre and post ride activities for outdoors.
  2. When you arrive you check in and receive your shirt and SAG Support instructions.
  3. A small breakfast will be available with volunteers handing out the food items and drinks.
  4. Lincoln Murdoch will give his motivational talk outside.
  5. Once Lincoln has completed, you may depart Relevant Church for your ride.  There will not be any set starting times for the rides.
  6. When you return from the ride there will be a lunch available for you.

Remember the ride is Rain or Shine, but we are always praying for good weather and tailwinds no matter which direction your are riding.