Omaha Connect Ride (402) 680-8421

The Omaha Connect Ride offers two routes: a quarter century and half century route.  Both are relatively flat with some hills.  The Half Century ride has a portion on HWY 77, but there is a shoulder. It is recommended that all riders use the shoulder and ride in single file.

Some portions of both routes will be on lightly traveled country roads or on County or State highways (with a shoulder).

Helmets. Riders must wear helmets.

Daytime Running Lights. It is recommended that you use daytime running lights (front and back lights in flash mode).

Mobile SAG (Stuff and Gear) support will be available in case you need assistance. a Phone number will be provided the day of the ride for this purpose.  This can be to help fix a flat, work on a drivetrain, fill tires with air, or get a ride back to the Relevant Center.

SAG Stops.  Both routes will have SAG stops with Stuff to refuel and replenish water. Rest areas include port-a-potties or restrooms.

E-Bikes. In case you were wondering, eBikes are welcome on the ride. We know how popular they are becoming and help m,any people with the ability to get out to ride and enjoy the outdoors.

Maps. No printed maps will be available. We suggest you use the links below to print out maps or upload the files to your App (Ride with GPS, Strava, etc.) to have it with you.

Signage. The routes will be marked with signs.

Registration. You can Register up to and including the day of the ride, but you may not be able to get a Dry-T that day. Early Registration is always recommended.

Check-In. Notice the Check-In times with each route. This will help us with the after ride Pancake Feed.

In Case of Rain. The ride will be held Rain or Shine. Lord wiling we will have a nice Fall day for the ride.

AGE Limits. Riders must be 14 or older and if under 18 must be accompanied by an adult or parent.

Read our waiver, which you must read and agree to at the time of registration.

If you have any other questions, please leave them as a comment below.